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Home Reno Projects You Should Leave to the Experts

Home Reno Projects You Should Leave to the Experts

At Coffin Electric, we’re all for DIY. However, while we love to see your home renovation projects, there are a few jobs that we suggest you get professional help with, for your safety and for the success of your home renovation!


Outlet and Switch Changes

In a renovation in any room of your home, changes to your outlets and switches can actually make a huge difference when you can make them match the design of the room, you can include USB outlets, or even dimmer switches, which add ambiance as well as help you control energy.


Light Fixture Installation

Why risk damaging your wiring or brand new light fixture by doing it yourself, when you can rest assured that it will be installed properly by a trained and trusted electrician? Taking out your current light fixture exposes wires conducting electricity, so if you are going to attempt to replace it, before working in that area you should make sure to cut off the power. However, to prevent damage to the wiring or to your fixture, getting the help of an electrician is your best bet. 


New Wiring

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your old home or are just making changes to your home that require updating your wiring like adding outlets, the assistance of an electrician is crucial. Wiring is a delicate matter, and may also require changes to your fuse box due to additional energy demands. It’s better to work with a professional electrician who will be able to not only assist you with ensuring your wiring is correct, but also any further changes that need to be made. 


Electrical Panel Upgrade

Your home’s electrical panel houses your circuit breaker, a crucial element of your electrical system. If you install a major household appliance or build an addition to your home, you may need to give your panel an upgrade so that it can hold a higher electrical capacity. This undertaking is a service you’ll definitely want professional help with. Even a minute mistake in this upgrade can take out the power in your house or even cause serious damage to your home’s electrical system.

Kitchen Remodels

For simpler aesthetic changes like new countertops or flooring, we’ll leave it to you. But if you’re adding appliances, giving them an upgrade, or even just adding new lighting appliances, enlisting the help of an electrician will boost the success of your kitchen remodel. With an electrician on your side, you can make more ambitious changes like countertop outlets, new light fixtures, dimmer switches, upgraded circuits dedicated to your appliances, and many other options. 


Basement Conversions

When you’re transforming your basement space, we often see a lot of big, exciting changes. With those changes though, comes a lot of important and intricate electrical work. With new wiring, lighting appliances, fans, outlets, and more, the assistance of a trained electrician will benefit your conversion greatly. 


5 Home Electrical Warning Signs to Watch For

5 Home Electrical Warning Signs to Watch For

At Coffin Electric we strive for safety to give our customers peace of mind. By keeping homeowners aware of warning signs, we can catch problems before they become dangerous. Look out for these 5 signs in your home, and if you need help with any of them, Coffin Electric is here for you. 

  • Old wiring

In the late 60s and early 70s, many homes used aluminum wiring. Unfortunately, buildings with wiring of this kind have been found to be 50 times more likely to experience fire damage. Now, we use copper wiring, as it is more resistant to heat. If your home was made during this era, or if you’re uncertain about the type of wiring, it’s best to double check with a home inspection.

  • Flickering lights

No, your house (probably) isn’t haunted. Unless the weather has been windy or stormy, your home’s electrical wiring may be outdated and unable to handle the increased energy demands of your home. 

  • Frayed wiring

Frayed wiring is an extremely dangerous fire and shock hazard. Whether due to remodeling allowing access to the wiring in question, or just a damaged wire on an everyday appliance, never ignore frayed or damaged wiring.

  • Frequent circuit breaker trips

While it’s not uncommon for a circuit breaker to trip, if it’s happening too frequently, it could be cause for concern. Normal trips are often caused by running multiple appliances from the same circuit, causing an overload. On the other hand, if you have to head to your circuit breaker panel more often than not, there could be a dangerous problem with your wiring or electrical panel. These panels last 25-40 years, but outdated panels won’t be able to keep up with the electrical needs of today’s homes. If you’re installing new appliances, like a larger refrigerator or hot tub, upgrading your panel might be a good idea.

  • Unusual outlet signs

Your outlets are an easy thing to keep an eye on, as they provide some tell tale warning signs for problems. If your outlets are emitting a buzzing or sizzling sound, it could be a sign of a potential wiring problem. If you smell smoke in your home and you’re not actively burning dinner, check your outlets. If the smell is stronger or you see scorch marks near your outlet, you’ll want to take immediate action. If any of your outlets have warmth or a vibration feeling coming from them, damaged wiring is probably at fault. An outlet that’s working correctly will be cool to the touch and definitely won’t be moving or vibrating. This problem is not one you can hold off on fixing, as it could lead to a house fire. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, unplug your appliances and call us as soon as you can. Our background checked, drug-tested, and professionally trained team is ready to help!