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What You Can Expect from an Electrical Inspection

What You Can Expect from an Electrical Inspection

If you’re someone who generally doesn’t dwell too much on your home’s electrical system, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Usually, it isn’t on most homeowners’ minds–until something goes wrong, in which case, you’ll likely have a pricey repair on your hands. Thankfully, with a whole home electrical inspection, you can get out ahead of these potential breakdowns or failures. 

When should you have an electrical inspection?

      We suggest getting an inspection done if:

  1. You’re buying a new home 
  2. You’re remodeling your home
  3. You have an older home (40 or more years old)
  4. You’re buying a new large appliance

What to expect from an inspection?

There are many steps of a home electrical inspection, each focusing on different elements of the entire electrical system, though usually, these steps fall into three main categories. 

Rough-In Inspection

This part of the inspection involves a licensed electrician checking all conduits, wires, and electrical panels and boxes. During this, the fire safety of your electrical system is also addressed by checking elements like smoke detectors and surge protection. 

Service Inspection

This stage involves your licensed electrician taking a thorough look at your main electrical panel. They want to ensure the panel is installed and grounded correctly. If they come across any issues, this will be a priority repair, as an ungrounded panel presents risks of electrical shock build up. 

Final Inspection 

During this step of the inspection, various trial runs will be conducted on your electrical system to ensure that it operates safely and efficiently; that common issues like exposed or damaged wiring, ungrounded plugs, and outlets are not present; and more complex issues have not arisen in the system.

When a new system is installed, it is always inspected. However, things go wrong, parts wear out or become damaged, and you never know how your electrical system may be operating. At Coffin Electric, we recommend that you have your system inspected by licensed electricians once a year, at least. 

At Coffin Electric, we strive to give you peace of mind in any service we provide, especially your electrical inspection so that you can rest assured that your home is safe. With our whole home visual inspection, you can ensure that all parts in your system from wiring, to circuit breakers, to outlets, switches, and fixtures, are working safely and properly.