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How to Childproof the Electrical in Your Home

How to Childproof the Electrical in Your Home

At Coffin Electric, we’re all about protecting what matters most. Even if all parents had eyes on the backs of their heads, kids are curious by nature, and will most likely get into something they shouldn’t. That includes our electrics in our home. With homes today being full of all different kinds of appliances, outlets, and cords, it’s hard to have peace of mind knowing that the little ones are as safe as we’d like. 

The only way to really know your home is safe, is to walk in your kid’s shoes. If you get down and look through a child’s eyes at their level, you’ll be able to better spot the dangers that they might be curious about. Here’s what you should look out for. 

Outlet covers

You might be familiar with the supposedly child proof plastic or rubber outlet covers that slide into your outlets. But they might not provide as much safety as we’d like to think. We wouldn’t recommend them, as they are very easy to remove–easy enough for a toddler–and don’t do much to keep curious minds and little fingers away from the outlet. 

Tamper proof outlets

Instead, utilizing tamper-proof outlets will get you the results you’re looking for. They cut off access to outlets completely with spring-loaded shutters when the outlet isn’t being used. With a dual-lock, no tiny fingers or tiny tools like butter knives, forks, or toys, can get in.

Reduce electrical strip usage

These strips are right within the range of a child to grab or try to play with, and are full of more outlets and dangers for them to get into. Using so many strips probably means that you don’t have enough outlets! The best and safest course of action is to install more safe outlets. With the help of a professional electrician, outlet installation is fast and easy and will help keep your home safe and make things more convenient for you, too! 

Strip protection

If installing new outlets isn’t an option for you, there are certain ways to add a layer of defense to your electrical strips. There are some strips made with built-in covers, or you can buy a dome or box cover separately. They might not look the best, but they will provide the safety you’re looking for. 

Loose cords

Long cords, left on their own, can not only pose a trip hazard, but can also be tempting for little ones to grab, yank, and play with. This can cause appliances to fall, leaving your child at risk. To be safe, use cords with better suited lengths, tape them down, or you can purchase helpful products like cord organizers or covers to get them out of the way. 

Damaged wiring

As always, damaged wiring is dangerous to more than just your child. As soon as you see frayed or broken wires, you should repair or replace them for the safety of your family and property. 

With these added safety precautions, you can have peace of mind in knowing you’ve made your home as safe as possible for your loved ones.