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Faulty Electrical Wiring? You Need a Professional

Your home’s electrical wiring is one of the foundational elements of your day-to-day life, so it’s crucial that it is always operating successfully to keep powering your life and to keep you safe. But repairing and maintaining it is definitely not a DIY job or as simple as watching a quick YouTube tutorial, so you’ll want a professional electrician, like any of our great team members at Coffin Electric, to take on that task for you. For the sake of energy management and safety, we always want to ensure that we keep an eye on your wiring and any issues that may have cropped up over time, so here are some red flags to look out for.

Dimming Lights & Burning Bulbs

Lights often dim or burn out for much simpler reasons such as mismatched wattages to bulbs and fixtures, or simply just needing to be replaced from time to time. However, this can also be a sign of something more amiss in your wiring. Dimming lights may be a signal for worn-out wiring which can cause dangerous short circuits, sparks, or electrical arcs. If you have to continue to replace burnt-out bulbs too frequently, contact a professional electrician ASAP. There are many things that could be the cause in your electrical wiring, and a licensed electrician will be able to diagnose and fix the problems. 

Circuit Breaker Trips

If your electrical wiring was not properly installed, overloaded circuits could become an issue, which will cause your circuit breaker to trip very frequently, cutting off electrical power to keep your home safe. However, although the breaker cuts off power, it’s essential to remember that these faulty wire connections, if not addressed, will lead to electrical fires.

Electric Bill Spikes

If you notice an increase in your energy bills, this could indicate an issue with the circuit. Bad wiring can lead to sparks that will be a risk to you, but will also constantly consume power, stacking on dollars to your bill. An inspection performed by a licensed electrician can determine the source of the spikes in your electricity and your bills, and evaluate how to address the power surge.

Electrical Surges

While electrical surges are not entirely out of the ordinary during a storm or lightning, or if there is an issue with the electric company, it can be a bad sign for overloaded circuits or faulty connections. You may have to remove devices or appliances that could be causing dips in the power input until your wiring can be repaired or upgraded. Be cautious with surges if you experience them, as they can be a huge risk to valuable appliances in your home, so you’ll want to get your wiring addressed whenever you can.


Whatever the case may be for your wiring, it’s always good to have your electrical system inspected by a qualified electrician to ensure that all issues can be diagnosed and repaired so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your electrical system is safe and fully functional.