Coffin Electric Services in West Des Moines, IA

At Coffin Electric, we are proud to be one of the top choices for electrical services in the West Des Moines area. West Des Moines always makes the list for one of the best places to live, with a strong emphasis on quality education and many beautiful neighborhoods to settle down in. If you own a home in one of West Des Moines’ friendly suburbs, you are probably dedicated to taking care of it so that you can enjoy it for many years to come. Trust our team of licensed and experienced electricians at Coffin Electric for your residential installation and repair needs. 

Electrical Repairs and Maintenance

When correctly installed and well-maintained, your electrical system will be safe and serve you well. However, if problems are left undiagnosed,  it could be dangerous for your family or your home. We are committed to making West Des Moines homes some of the safest in Iowa by offering quality repairs and electrical inspections. Give us a call if you notice changes to your electrical system or if something has stopped working. We will work quickly to find the source of the problem and fix it before it becomes a hazard.

Rewiring Old Homes

There are many older homes in the West Des Moines area, and each one features its own unique architecture and design. We feel that the history of West Des Moines is worth preserving which is why we are excited to offer electrical upgrades for older homes. We specialize in performing rewiring, upgrades, and installations while preserving the home and protecting its character and charm. With our electrical services, it is possible to enjoy the historical beauty of your home while also having modern outlets, safe wiring, and a sufficient electrical panel. 

Indoor and Landscape Lighting

With the right lighting choices, you can save energy in your home, take advantage of natural sunlight, and create an environment that puts everyone at ease. We are committed to finding unique lighting solutions that will fit your lifestyle and set your home apart. We offer recessed lighting installation, light fixture and ceiling fan installation, and much more for indoor spaces. 

We can also help you to boost the appearance and safety of your yard with our landscape lighting services. Light up your pathway, illuminate your driveway, or accentuate the beauty of your patio and garden by utilizing our experience and creativity.

Electrical Panel and Outlet Upgrades

It is difficult to notice when your electrical usage has slowly increased over the years. The installation of more appliances and devices puts a greater load on the existing electrical panel, and at some point, the panel will need to be upgraded to be able to handle the augmentation of your electrical usage. If you are using too many extension cords or power strips just to be able to plug in all of your devices, or you are noticing your panel tripping frequently, you may want to call Coffin Electric to discuss an upgrade. 

We are also happy to be able to upgrade your electrical outlets. We can add more outlets to make your electricity more accessible, and we can install GFCI and USB outlets to keep your home up to code and make it more convenient. 

Whole-Home Surge Protection

If you want all of the devices in your home to be protected from power surges, you can consider investing in whole house surge protection from Coffin Electrical. We will install this surge protection directly into your electrical box where it will be there day and night to guard your home against lightning strikes, surges from downed power lines, or surges that come from inside your home. We can also individually protect your most expensive devices to give you peace of mind. 

Generator Installation and Repair

One of the most important services we provide is generator installation and repair. Expert generator services are essential because you need to be able to rely on your generator all year. We will help you choose the generator that is perfect for your home, and then we will install it to perfection. We also perform inspections and repairs to keep your generator in good condition at all times. 

At Coffin Electric, we are dedicated to providing West Des Moines customers with a great experience from beginning to end. We provide lighting installations, electrical repair and maintenance, wiring for new homes, and much more. Contact us today to find out more about the services that we offer in your area.