Coffin Electric Services in Des Moines, IA

As the largest city by population in the state of Iowa, it can be a challenge for local electricians to keep every home in the area safe and functional. At Coffin Electric, we bring high-quality repairs and installations as well as fair and honest pricing to homeowners in the Des Moines area. Our goal is to improve homes by making sure their electrical systems are up to code, free from faulty wiring or other defects, and comfortable for the modern homeowner.

To achieve this end, we bring a combination of experience, integrity, and friendliness to the table. When you call Coffin Electric, we want you to be confident in the service you will receive, whether you are having a small electrical problem repaired or you want to have your new home wired perfectly the first time.

 Rewiring and Remodels

The owner of Coffin Electric, Chris Coffin, has spent many years working on turn of the century homes. He has passed on this knowledge to the rest of the team, and today Coffin Electric is the best place to go to have your home rewired or remodeled. Many homeowners are seeking to have their aluminum or knob and tube wiring repaired or replaced, and we are excited to be able to provide these services. 

We are also your premier source for electrical installations in brand new homes. We believe that getting the wiring done right the first time can save you a lot of stress and money in the future and even help to protect your families and possessions. If you are looking for an electrical contractor that will work with you to design the perfect modern home, call Coffin Electric. 

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Design

When you walk into a room, you may not consciously notice the lighting right away, but it always sets the mood. At Coffin Electric, not only are our technicians expert electricians, but they are also skilled designers. We will take the time to listen to you so that we can find lighting solutions that meet the requirements of your unique home and family. If you are seeking to make your home more efficient, we can find lighting that helps to cut down on your utilities and is beautiful. We specialize in indoor and landscape lighting, so whether you need to improve the interior or exterior of your home, we are here to provide the best services. 

Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services

There are many seemingly small signs that may point to the need for electrical repair within your home. Sparks when you plug a device into an outlet, outlets that are scorched or warm to the touch, lights that flicker when you turn on an appliance, breakers that are tripping often, and any other abnormal occurrences, are all good reasons to call Coffin Electric right away. We will inspect your system, find the problem, and recommend a repair. We are always transparent with our prices so that you know exactly what to expect before moving forward with a repair.

Electrical Upgrades

Technology is constantly progressing and you don’t want your house stuck in the past. We perform many electrical upgrades that will help your system to keep up with your new devices and appliances. We can upgrade your electrical panel so that your home can accommodate growing electrical usage, and we can upgrade your outlets to make them more compatible with your lifestyle. We also perform inspections to ensure that your home is up to code.

Whole House Surge Protection

Any time there is a power surge from an electrical storm or a broken utility line, your devices are at risk of being damaged. While individual devices can be protected by using a power strip, you may want to consider investing in whole house surge protection. This type of protection is usually hardwired directly to your electrical panel. When correctly grounded by a licensed electrician from Coffin Electric, it will protect your devices from external power surges as well as those that occur internally. 

Premier Electrical Services in Des Moines

Nothing makes our team at Coffin Electric happier than being able to make homes in the Des Moines area safer and more reliable. We are continually working to improve our services by listening to the community around us. When you call us, you can be sure of a timely arrival, honest prices, and friendly electricians who truly care. Contact Coffin Electric today for more information about our residential electrical services.