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How to Inspect Your Electrical System

At Coffin Electric, we recommend that you have your home’s electrical system inspected by a licensed electrician at least once a year. However, between your inspections, you can keep an eye on your home’s system, regardless of your level of electrical knowledge. This preventative maintenance can help you keep tabs on your home, avoid common electrical failures, and keep you in the loop as to when you may require repairs from a licensed professional. 

Light Switches and Outlets

Do they work correctly?

Do plugs fit into your outlets properly?

Can you hear any strange noises in your switches like buzzing or popping?

Are there any strange smells around your outlets or switches?


Are there any damaged electrical cords?

Are all appliances plugged into GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets?

When not in use, are your appliances unplugged?

Is there any debris or dust on the back of your refrigerator?

Electrical Panel

Is your panel marked with the date it was last serviced?

Are all of the circuit breakers correctly labeled?

Do your fuses blow or breakers trip often?

Does each circuit have the proper amperage indicated?

Is there a sulfuric smell like rotten eggs or roadkill?

If these processes leave you with any concerns, Coffin Electric is here to help. Give us a call