About Coffin Electric

Coffin Electric knows that the difference between a good contractor and a great one is the people. That’s why we’re committed to hiring exceptional personnel. From the office staff to the technicians on the job, you’re going to be comfortable with who we hire and you’re going to be thrilled with their work.


About Chris Coffin (Owner)

Chris, Coffin is a Master Electrician, a fourth-generation electrical contractor who has spent much of his career focusing on residential installations, including both new constructions and remodels.

Chris’s work updating and rewiring century-old homes have provided him with the skills to perform both large and minor remodels, with minimal to no damage to the home’s original beauty.


Powered by People

Whether it’s a small job like changing out light fixtures or a larger project such as rewiring or installing electrical systems in a new home, Coffin Electric has the expertise to meet your needs. From design and installation to cleaning up the job site, our attention to detail and our quality workmanship are evident every step of the way.